Flipper & Finnegan 
The True Story of How Tiny Jumpers Saved Little Penguins

From the bestselling creators of Tippy & Jellybean - The True Story of the Brave Koala who Saved Her Baby From a Bushfire, this affirming and delightful tale is based on a true story of animal rescue and community cooperation.
Flipper and Finnegan live on a beautiful island. 
Every morning they hunt for fish in the clear blue ocean waters.
Every evening they waddle up the beach together with all their friends - it's a penguin parade.
But one day, when Flipper comes up for air she gets covered in something that is black and smelly and sticky - and Finnegan is nowhere to be seen...
This is the miraculous true story of how a viral knitting campaign helped save the lives of Millowl/Phillip Island's Little Penguins.
Author: Sophie Cunningham
Illustrator: Anil Tortop
Publisher: Allen & Unwin (Albert Street Books)
Designer: Sandra Nobes

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