Hi, I’m Anil. I illustrate children’s books.

Scroll down to see some of my work.

I Want to Be a Rock Star
Picture book, 2016.
Where's Dad Hiding?
Picture book, 2016.
My Perfect Pup
Picture Book, 2016.
Picture book, 2016.
River Riddle
Picture Book, 2015
Granny, Wait for Me!
Picture Book, 2015
Mary Bea
Picture Books, 2012-2013
Teddy Where Are You?
Picture Book, 2013
What The Fox
Car wrap illustration, 2015
Mum and Dad in the Night
Picture book, 2013
Tadaa Book
Branding & Website, 2013
The Cow That Mooed Boo
Picture Book 2013
Digby’s Moon Mission
Picture Book, 2014
Happy Toy Shop
Character and environment designs, 2013.
Round Table Lights
YA Fiction Novel